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  •   香港新界葵涌葵福路晉昇工業大廈一座1638室
  •   5423 3828 (WHATSAPP即時查詢或預約服務)
  •   6518 3092 (電話即時查詢或預約服務)
  •   info@silverconeng.com

Guesthouse & Food License Consultation Service


Our team provides one-stop solution for applying Guesthouse license & food license.

Our service includes:

  • Design and submission of floor plan, ventilation system & drainage layout plan to related departments
  • Participation in government departments’ meetings
  • To monitor the work and to make recommendations
  • To Supervise appointed contractors work
  • Provide certificate of completion of electrical devices (Form WR1)
  • Provide minor work documents
  • Provide completion certificate of fire-fighting equipment (FS251 and 314A)