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Building Inspection Services

We offer the most reasonable inspection fees & provide most comprehensive inspection service. All of our inspectors are well trained by Hong Kong Registered Structural Engineer & Building Surveyor and designated inspectors of large developer which over 500 units inspection experience.Our inspection tools which can identify the defects accurately in order to fix the problem quickly.


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Building Inspection with ADVANCED equipments and visual inspection(To locate the water leakage which human eye cannot be observed.)

HKD $6 per sq.ft (minimum charge HKD 4,000.00)

If you have any enquiry, please call 5423 3828/9252 3126 (Equiry hotline)

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Services include:

1 ) Full inspection to living room , dining room, master bedroom , guest bedroom, maid's bedroom, master toilet, guest toilet , kitchen, bathroom , utility room, etc.

2 ) Full inspection to ceiling, walls, floors, skirting, doors, windows, sill window ledge, mirrors, cabinets, glass , toilet , bathtub, sink, sanitary ware, racks , shower curtain holder, toilet paper holder , stove , water supply pipes & drainage , fencing , etc.

3 ) Full inspection to doorbell , visitor telephone , electricity system, lights, air conditioners, heaters, range hoods, exhaust fans , refrigerators, washing machines, dryers , stove , microwave , oven , gas water heaters , TV, telephone, etc.

4 ) Use of over 30 building inspection tool, including notebooks , pens , markers , stickers notes , computers, cameras, moisture meter , infrared thermometer , ultrasonic meter , meters, cracks meter, scissors, screwdrivers, rebar detector, hammer, laser pen, mirror, magnifying glass, toilet paper, newspaper, towels, buckets, marbles, aluminum ladder, three-pin electrical plug, etc.

5)  Our testing methods include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • High resolution infra-red scanning
  • Hammer tapping test
  • High sensitivity moisture detection
  • pH test
  • Content of Salt (NaCl) test
  • Professional Water tests


6) Analyses and explanation on site   

7) Inspection reports (include remedial recommendation, subject to inspection list